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Wolfgang Huß

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Wolfgang Huß

Bild – Wolfgang Huß

Since I was 14 years old, that is since the beginning of 1983, I have been involved in programming. In the process, I have gone through several phases of interesting technological change, learning the new technologies mainly self-taught and in pairing sessions.

Programming is like telling an interactive story, which often has visual components as well. I particularly enjoy the artistic structural aesthetics when implementing complex projects in fascinating programming languages.

So my projects so far have been almost all graphic related, up to my high-end large format printing software Pjannto RIP, with color calibration for highest demands of my customers for printing on various printer brands and devices.
Also my iPhone App FaceYourFaceopen in new window for mirroring face halves to create double-left and double-right face images is a graphic application.

Currently I have moved away from application software development for desktop computers more towards web applications for internet browsers (frontend). This includes the development of server applications (backend) and the use of databases as well as server administration and can also include project management and development management, as with the projectopen in new window.

One of the reasons was to enjoy working in a team, and to develop software using agile methods.

And last but not least, for 12 years I was the owner of a "small" advertising agency (8 employees) in which we created logos, designs, brochures, catalogs etc. Additionally we worked as signmakers for the production of signs, store signs, exhibition boards and much more. In the process, the usual graphics programs were used.
Today, I also benefit from this in programming.


  • Project and development manager
    • Agile methods
  • Desktop application developer
  • Frontend developer
  • Backend developer
  • DevOps
    • Git and GitHub code development
    • Server administration
  • Tester
    • Setup of test environments
    • Agile testing
    • Manual testing
  • Designer
    • Corporate design
    • UI (user interface)

Expertise & Projects

I developed and contributed to different projects:

Approaches & Tools

Frontend Development

Backend Development

DevOps & Server Administration


Development Environments

Programming & Database & Markup Languages

Spoken Languages

  • German (native speaker)
  • English (business fluent)


Further Interests and Commitments

I have many other interests and am socially involved: