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Wether you are looking for skilled developers to implement your business idea, you want to scale up your existing team or you are a developer and want to work with us: Get in touch!

You can contact us via E-Mail or mobile phone.

We accept inquiries in German and English language.

For Developers

If you consider to work with us as developer please make sure to provide resources like your Github Profile or CV.

Also if you do not have a great Github Profile or you just finished university, feel free to contact us if you are interested in working in a professional developer environment. We will help you get educated in modern workflows, technologies and the inner workings of a remote team. Just make sure that you do IT out of love and not necessity.

You can also join our Telegram Channelopen in new window to get in touch.

For Clients

If you are looking for a developer team and you consider hiring (some of) us, please make sure to also provide a detailed project description, outlining goals, time frame, social impact and wether the project will be open- or closed source.

We will work with you to achieve your goals in a sustainable manner. We will make sure knowledge is spread within the team and we will integrate with your existing IT department to ensure scalability.