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Hannes Heine

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Hannes Heine


Hannes Heine

I was born in Germany and raised in France, so I speak both languages fluently. In my free time I like to play video games, do Reiki and all kind of sports. As child, except for my interest for sports, I always excelled in sciences. In 10th grade I came across coding, the starting time was so exiting, I had the impression that I could do magic on a small device. It captivated me so much that after my graduation in 2008 (baccalauréat), I studied for 3 years in the beautiful city of Toulouse (mathematics, mechanics and informatics). After that I moved back to Germany in the city were I was born - Hamburg.


Hired jobs

My role was a software engineer, my tasks was mainly to work on the OkotoPOS project with allot of data transfer from an application to another and a little bit of Frontend (Java, JUnit, jersey, hibernate, etc.).

Their my role was a software engineer. I helped to plan and develope import and export of data for different clients in the Censhare backend (Java, JaxRS, XPATH, XSLT, XLIFF, JavaPOI, etc.).

Freelance projects

My tasks their were to help on their Shopware shop (PHP, Laravel, etc.) development and on their own application (AngularJS) that was used by their manufactures to send back the correct weight of the sold product.

  • Human Connection

I helped them to translate from German to French.

  • Gradido

I do tasks from backend (GraphQL, TypeScript, TypeORM, etc.) to frontend (VueJS, Bootstrap, etc.).

  • Setup of different small Shopware shops and CMS sites

(Hosting, Configuration, etc.)

You can find me on Githubopen in new window


  • DevOps
  • Backend Developer
  • Software & Database architect
  • Scrum Master
  • Design-Eye

Spoken languages

  • French fluently
  • German fluently
  • English written and spoken

Coding languages

In my software years I had allot of different languages listed behind are the one that I used the most.

For Javascript

For Java


Web basics