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Ulf Gebhardt

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Ulf Gebhardt

Ulf Gebhardt

Ulf is a software developer through and through. He started to program when he was 12 and kept going with it. He knows about the possibilities software and hardware have to offer and is the person to turn to when it’s time to include a new library or implement an algorithm. He is known to use the "Holzhammer-Methode" (brute-force approach) when it comes to solve conflicts within the team.

In his free time he programs as every good programmer does and travels the world by foot when it’s time to leave the screen for a while.

You can find him on Githubopen in new window, stackoverflowopen in new window, visit his websiteopen in new window, send an email or call.


Ulf can fulfill the following roles:

  • DevOps
  • Scrum Master
  • Softwarearchitekt
  • Backend Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Design-Eye
  • Database planning and optimization
  • Competence assessment
  • SEO

Spoken languages

Ulf speaks German and English fluently.

  • German (mother tongue)
  • English (orally and in writing)

Education & Projects

The following list should give an overview about Ulf’s life:

19952008Graduationopen in new window "Abitur" (Grade: 1.7)
20052009Software development at Evonik Energy Services
20082009Civil service
20092013Bachelor of Science - Information Technologiesopen in new window (Grade: 2.25)
20112015Research assistant for the data platform da-senseopen in new window
2013nowWebcraft-Mediaopen in new window
2016Development of an enterprise resource planning(erp) for Hi5-Textildruck
20172019Development, planning and implementation of the App „DEMOCRACY“open in new window
2019Team coordination & planning for Human-Connectionopen in new window
2020nowSoftware development & operation for Ocelot.socialopen in new window and wir.socialopen in new window
20202021Software development for Leratec Solutions in Halden(Norway)
2020Software development for in Halden(Norway)
2021nowSoftware development & Team coordination for Gradido
2022nowSoftware development for yunite.meopen in new window


Ulf travels by foot to get away from the computer form time to time

20205.5 monthsTravel from Zwingenberg(Bergstraße)open in new window to Haldenopen in new window by foot
20212 weeksTravel from Haldenopen in new window to Gothenburgopen in new window by foot
20214 weeksTravel from Hamburgopen in new window to Berlinopen in new window by foot
20211 weekTravel through Sächsische Schweizopen in new window & Böhmische Schweizopen in new window by foot
20225 monthsTravel from Zwingenberg(Bergstraße)open in new window to Portopalo di Capo Passeroopen in new window by foot


here is a quick overview over the computer languages, frameworks and technologies Ulf is acquainted in:

Computer languages

Ulf has worked with the following programming languages:

Frameworks & Technologies

As IT grows more complex it’s important which frameworks one is familiar with. The following represents an incomplete list of Ulf’s framework and technology knowledge:

For Javascript:


Web basics